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            2018-01-11 長沙 1 面談


            Application of integrated control units for Power Window application.
            - 車窗動力系統用的集成電路控制系統應用
            - Negotiation and defining the functionality ( Specification) with Chinese customer.
            - 與中國客戶進行協商及性能(技術條件)定義
            - Presentation of project documents like: TKU, Test Plan, Validation List, Test Result, FMEA and drawings to the customer.
            - 向客戶介紹項目文件,如客戶用的技術資料,檢測計劃,確認書,檢測結果,FMEA及圖紙
            - Application of software: anti-punch function and system reactions to user commands (HMI).
            - 軟件應用:防夾緊性能及使用者指令(HMI)的系統反應
            - Performing software changes at customer.
            - 客戶處進行軟件更改
            - Analysis of system errors (bugs) together with customer (HW; SW; mechanics)
            - 與客戶一起進行系統錯誤(干擾)分析(硬件;軟件;機械)
            - Teamwork in international development teams ( ED,AE)
            - 國際研發隊伍中的團隊工作精神(ED, AE)
            - Promote close cooperation between RBCC and AE engineers.
            - 促進RBCC與AE工程師之間的合作關系


            - BS or Master degree in electronic engineering
            - 機械或電子相關專業,本科學歷
            - 2 or 3 years working experience in electronics
            - 2-3年電子開發工作經驗
            - Experienced in using PC office software
            - 良好使用辦公軟件
            - Be familiar with hardware and software in Electronics control system.
            - 熟悉電子控制系統的硬件和軟件
            - Good command of English language both written and spoken
            - 熟練掌握英文的讀寫聽說,口語較好

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